Japan real Grow Up Business

There are 691 cities in Japan. 64% of those have a population of under 100 thousand people. We call these cities `The real country side`. At Be The One we want to find, acknowledge and show the attraction of these cities . Utilise their original character through opening cafes that show the uniqueness of the area.

[MOVIE]JAPAN Real Grow Up Business

Using local creativity as a key word, do business from local cities instead of big cities. Create a unique place in the area thought not to be attractive.

Rooth Project

[Connect people]
[Know and remember your history]
[Use the beauty to bring the excitement]

Start by opening cafes in local cities. Cafes, that are one of a kind and represent their history, show the beauty of the place whilst offering the best of local hospitality. A place to meet and communicate.

We started in Fukuoka. We will next expand our business across Japan and overseas.

[MOVIE]Concrete method

We operate a cafe as a place where people of various generations gather.

[MOVIE]Future goals

I value communication and hospitality. Make stores that allow many customers to recognize the existence value and provide happiness.

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