In our commitment to Grow Up Japan we want to enhance the union between the world, people and our rural areas.
We want to build the future by embracing diversity and using everyones strength.
We are looking for people who share same dreams. Someone who will draw a new, beautiful picture of the future when the dream is about to fade.
At the company Orientation we will talk about changing Japan from within, from the countryside.
We will have a deep discussion and hear your opinion.
We want to build Be The One future business with you.

Employment status:
Full time staff
Job type:
Service Industry, Restaurant Industry
Fukuoka office, Tokyo office
Working hours:
10:00 ? 19:00
University graduates 174.100 yen/month
College/ Junior school graduates 162.000 yen
Compensation package, welfare package, company benefits:
Employment Insurance, Compensation Insurance, Health Insurance,Pension, overtime work up to 30 hr
Commuting allowance 15.000 yen /month
Salary raise:
5000 yen per month/ once a year
2 times /year
2 days a week, Summer holiday, New Years, Congratulations and condolences holiday, Paid vacation system

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